Inline system.


Inline System

The global competitive pressure forces manufacturing companies to maximize the production volume per unit of time and, at the same time, require more frequent program changes to meet rapidly changing customer requirements. Accordingly, more and more production errors in the processed material can no longer be avoided. In order to detect these flaws immediately and thus avoid lost value creation in the further processing process, a test system is offered directly on the line. The „YoUScan!“ system is ideally suited as it does not contaminate the material but only scans it by means of air-coupled ultrasound. The „YoUScan!“ system classifies the test parts in IO / NIO using pre-set parameters.


In order to meet a wide range of requirements with regard to geometries and test speeds, there are basically three different manipulator types. The industrial robot for more complicated geometries, the CNC flatbed units for various travel distances in three axes and the swivel arm for a higher test speed.

img_3767_b2Application example Industrial robot as manipulator (here a Universal Robots UR 10)

Application example with a swivel arm

Measuring System

The measuring system of the „YoUScan!“ Consists of the measuring cards and two test heads.



The user interface has been programmed by NetCo Professional Services GmbH itself and differs in the two views shown below.

Techniker Ansicht Technician view

Produktions Ansicht
Line of evolution view integrated the manufacturing execution system „Argus“ or the production data acquisition sytem


The automatic assessment can be based on two different methodological approaches. In a classical way, product and process data are collected, combined with each other and subjected to statistical analyses. The result is evaluated by means of a threshold method. However, in order to obtain reliable IO / NIO statements, a relatively lengthy improvement process is required, at the end of which a satisfactory degree of maturity of the evaluation is achieved. Alternatively, NetCo has created a set of evaluation tools that can be used to implement various concepts of artificial intelligence. They can also be combined with one another in various ways and allow a fast learning process. The prerequisite is the availability of sufficient learning and test data. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, so that an optimal decision can be made only with a view to the respective.