Laboratory system.


Laboratory System

When setting up new machines or when changing the production process, it is a good idea to check for errors on samples from the new process sequence. The „YoUScan!“ lab system can be used to test a wide range of materials (wood, fiber composites, thin metal, etc.). In contrast to the inline system, the assessment is not only based on IO / NIO, but can also be used to test the impact of further changes in the production process on the material. The „YoUScan!“ system can operate in transmission or pulse mode.


For various types of materials and material types, there are also various types of manipulators in the laboratory system.

Industrial robots as manipulators (here universal Robots UR10)


Measuring System

The measuring system consists of the measuring cards and the two test heads.

Operation and Evaluation

The operation of the laboratory system and the evaluation of the scanned data is carried out via the graphical user interface „YouVision“.