Testing of adhesive bonds.


Testing of Adhesive Bonds

In modern production processes, more and more different materials are joined to one another by adhesive bonding in order, for example, to reduce the vehicle weight in the automobile industry and thus to reduce fuel consumption. Above all, plastics are bonded with metal or metal with metal. After the production, the gluing can no longer be checked by visual inspection for correctness. However, it is of great importance.
The ultrasound test system „YoUScan!“ is ideally suited for a check afterwards. Without touching the material to be examined, the YoUScan! system can use air ultrasound to check the gluing for defects. Two different methods can be used for the test: on the one hand by the attenuation, on the other by runnuning time of the sound. Each material dampens the sound differently by its physical properties. The damping values between air and an adhesive connection are so high that air inclusions in the adhesive connection can be clearly detected. As with damping, the running time depends on the physical properties of the material. Here, too, the differences between the air and the adhesive layer can be clearly distinguished. The images show the original part, a scan image from a computer tomograph and an ultrasound image (C-image) of the „YoUScan!“ system.

Probe Klebeverbindung

Bonding of steel plates, 2x 1,5mm steel with 0,2mm air gap or adhesive



Probe Klebeverbindung C-Bild